Heureka – wait that special feeling before mating the bitch

Heureka – wait that special feeling before mating the bitch

Now we really go to the deepest of the deep in high quality dog breeding. I can´t tell you what is that feeling when your intuition tells you THIS IS IT. It is really HEUREKA kind of feeling. It is magical, it is better than sex, it really is a special kind of feeling. True breeder should know that feeling. If not there is long way to go to the world of intuition, imagination and studies. Why is heureka so important. What it takes to make that special discovery to find out the perfect combination, perfect mating?

First of all I would say. Do not mate the bitch at all if you really do not get that special feeling. At least my biggest mistakes have been litters where I do mate a bitch without getting that magical heureka. Those litters are done by putting together just pedigrees. You have just a slight hunch about it, but the true feeling is not there. Sometimes you just follow the fashion or are taken by sudden male – you wanna use this male evenif the reasons really are not right. May be someone else got soemthing nice out from it and you just try to copy.

I would say the only true reason to make a litter is that you get the heureka feeling. That is the combination. You have to know your breed pedigrees inside out first. You must also walk your eyes open and see so many dogs as simply possible so that your reservation for potential stud dogs is as large and openminded as possible. In real life most breeder´s are unfortunately very limited…. Potential stud dogs must be found from own circle´s as other ones are bad. Breeder´s are terrible and so….Stupid but so real. It all ways should be about dogs and dogs only.

As you have spare time (driving car, relaxing with class of wine – or whenever there is this quiet moment) those hundreds and hunreds of pedigrees and dogs start to wonder in your mind. The breed as a whole globally should really be your reservation. All the suddenly every now and then there is a click. Your back is saying THIS IS IT.  You can´t wait to get paper and to write down that pedigree black and white (hand written). It was so funny couple years ago to find my old school books… Guess what? They were full of pedigrees…. Now a days I usually get so carried a way after having that heureka experience that I give it for a while… I do enjoy that feeling a lot. Then I give a phone call to special talented person and I tell what did I discover. Often the word is: Of course – why did we not figure out that earlier. 

I also search for heureka moments. That takes for me usually distance from every day life and I need total relaxation. That means I am away from my dogs. There must be silence and usually the water and sun. My partner says now you a relaxed and brains start to work as after couple days in vacation I do take my blocks and start writing like a madman. I can have quite a few heurekas in one day. You just know that male is for her…. There is a faith. Without faith – you can´t build up all it takes to breed a super star. You see : You must start to believe what are you doing from the moment mating is done. This faith sometimes produce miracles. Sometimes still all goes wrong. However without a faith for sure all goes wrong.

So do remember to use your best gift in dog breeding. That is imagination, creativity and rational studies their outcome in your head is INTUITION. As every now and then the intuition produce THE REAL FRUIT that is HEUREKA. That feeling will for sure produce your very best pedigree dog. If you not get that feeling, may be it is better not to breed your bitch at all.,

Vive la heureka!!!!!!!!!!

One result of true heureka is our lovely Elvira aka Multi BIS & BISS Ch WW-12, JWW-11 Chic Choix Cleopatra Eurydice. Take a look her pedigree and you realize what it takes: http://jalostus.kennelliitto.fi/frmKoira.aspx?RekNo=FI49098%2F10&R=227