Happy New Year 2016 & my 10 new year promises

Happy New Year 2016 & my 10 new year promises

First of all I want to thank you all about this great year 2015.  Traditionally people do make New Year Promises. I love numbers game and do things extreme. So I made 10 of them. What are your New years Promises? Here are my New Year promises for 2016.  I am going to keep these promises for sure. With these realistic promises I wish you all and everyone Happy New Year 2016.

1. I will try to give more positive feed back to people and speak less bad than year before.

2. I will loose – 10 kgs and eat bit healthier (less McDonald, chips and Coke).

3. I will drink for sure as much Chambagne this year as I did year before. I do hope to drink more water than wine & Chambagne next 12 months.

4. I will try to enlarge the genepool of my breeds with atleast couple imports and out-cross breedings.

5. I will buy activity tracker and I am going to beat Karo & Sanna atleast couple times a week.

6. I will laugh again this year so much that there will be at least several people telling behind my back that he laughs too much and life can´t be that fun.

7. I will breed couple really really stunning dogs and increase the charisma in my breeding (so some of them can and most likely will also bite bit easier).

8. I will start some new study projects and keep also developing myself during 2016. My new book about breeding will be published. I make sure to use and train my brains plus eat my  B 12 vitamins daily.

9. I will not drive quite so fast as year before and will gain less speeding tickets. However I will not turn out to be sissy and I promise to do some stupid, naughty & wicked things too.

10. I will try to live up to my motto : Joie de vivre

I have had time to think about it carefully. Here are my New Year promises. Happy New Year to you all.

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