Christmas present for my – whynot your breeding 2015

Christmas present for my – whynot your breeding 2015

I have decided to give one very interesting Christmas present for my breeding. This present is important gift indeed. I do feel all the breeders in the World could try to give this kind of  gift aswell. This gift is a promise. I will make my very best that puppies born in the future would be wilder, more vital and more dogs than puppies born before. Puppies born under my wings should end up to be grown up dogs with charisma.  I try to keep the big picture more clear in my mind. That is a true well balanced dog with a strong personality. This is a pedigree dog that would be well being animal and human´s very best friend. What is this gift in real life?

1) I try to produce stronger and more vital population in a long run. This means more vital individuals and more innovational pedigrees.

2) I will need to look even more powerful and vital stud dogs. These boys are king of their breeds. There must be charisma and power which makes them storngest of their populations. Being males that should take care of the reproduction like in any animal population. These dogs must not be easist to live with as these dogs are natural studdogs.

3) I will try to produce wilder, stronger minded,  more vital and powerful puppies than even before. This can only be done by using vital and strong females in breeding. Outcome should be good size litter. It is the same or bigger than average in the breed.

4) As the puppies I produce should be real dogs. They are not dogs for everyone.  Stronger and more vital dogs takes more from their owners. So I need to be even more carefully where these puppies do go. These homes must be prepaired to have a new family member that have a mind of its own. Families that can let their dogs be dogs yet set the limits. So they can offer safe life to human and dogs alike.

5) I will keep my eyes wide open. I will need to study more. The goal is to find diversity in the pedigrees aswell. This does mean I do try to import new blood to my breeding. This can be done by using also hopefully out-cross studdogs and finding new vital imports.

6) If I do linebreed and outcome is smaller litter than average in the breed. Or dogs are weaker in the temperament or health. Why bather? It is time to do something different.

Christmas present for my Chic Choix kennel is challenging. But I m going to do it. I will do what ever it takes to produce more vital and stronger pedigree dogs than ever before. I must think the future pedigrees once again. This is the goal 10 years old dog in top shape mentally and physically. 

Chic Choix Elosalama running