My 10 biggest innovations in breeding

My 10 biggest innovations in breeding

I have bred dogs over 30 years. Some 1.000 Chic Choix puppies have been born under these decades. I have so far owned7bred 498 Champions and quite a few are on their way. Over the years I have done quite a few mistakes. However I have done something right too. Here are my 10 biggest innovations in breeding that I know truly understand and respect.

1. Do not make any kind of comproises with the ability of mate and born naturally. Vitality starts from healthy and easy reproducing.

2. Always trust your intuition. Try to develop that intuition. Specially pay attention to your intuition as choosing the stud dog and right families for your puppies.

3. Limit allergic dogs from your breeding. I just know know that the real problems with immunological downhill starts from allergies. It will be downhill from that on….

4. As you choose puppies for yourself. Pick up the ones that start to walk first. Do keep the natural winners from you litters. Let the weaker and too slow ones to go as pets.

5. Make sure your puppies and dogs love to eat. If there is something wrong with the apetite – there will be other problems aswell. Dogs must love food – that was the number one rule for them to survive over the centuries. That is still one of the number one rules.

6. Do realize how important the International co-operation is. You must build up International network to be able to do breeding out of ordinary.

7. Remeber to have a breaks and distance from your dogs every now and then. It is important to load up your batteries. Otherwise you can´t keep up inspirational breeding programme over the decades.

8. True innovational breeder is artistic and creative person. This kind of breeder must take care of his/her creativity. This usually happens by feeling good and doing other things that feed the creativity. Do enjoy art and sport – see and learn how they do the best results in art & sport. You must be always one step forward with your way of thinking.

9. Make sure you do know your pedigrees inside out. Make sure your dogs have unique pedigrees that no other breeders produce. We do not need copy paste work but true brains in action producing something different.

Remember to live with the stud dogs if simply possible.

10. Love your dogs. Love breeding. Make sure you have a true loving connection to your own dogs. See that you do not get too tired. But you enjoy your life with your own dogs.

Chic Choix