Good bye HRH Chrystal – my soulmate is gone

Good bye HRH Chrystal – my soulmate is gone

It is unreal how some of the dogs get under your skin. They do not just get under your skin but they are part of your soul. Some 13 years ago kingcharlesspaniel Chrystal did it. We have been inseparable ever since. She have shared all her nights in my pillow. She know me inside out. She reads my mind. As I travel I miss her all the time. She stays home and refuse to eat as her soulmate is gone.I can´t think of her as I am overseas as my eyes get wet. There is Chrystal waiting for me back home. She sleeps top of my clothes and nobody can´t t ouch them. She must be near me even when I am thousand miles away. We are in each other s heart. That is my Chrystal.

This summer I did realize it will be Chrystal´s last one. I refused to think about it. Just the thought hurted so much. Her eyes was changing. Sparkle was gone. There were more and more nights she or I could not sleep at all. She was old and she was not well.  I knew this day is coming. Deep inside I did work with the idea that my soulmate is not here for a long.

Today was the day. It is like part of me would be gone. How can little dog with full of grazy habbits become such a major part of your life.  I know this was love of first degree.  What I do not understand is that how it is possible to love a dog this much? I know deep in my heart that one day we will meet again dear Chrystal.

Until then rest in piece my soulmate Int Ch Tucherish Crystal Kisses aka Chrystal. Love you,


My soulmate Chrstal visiting my dad´s summer house.