10 things you need to breed Dog of The Year

10 things you need to breed Dog of The Year

People do often ask what does it take to breed really outstanding dog. One that is out of ordinary and can be Dog of The Year in some competative dog country. It is not easy to answer this questions. But there are for sure things you need as a breeder to breed out of ordinary. This is what I think it takes.

1. You need to work very hard as a breeder. You must be willing to work hard for decades. It took me over 25 years to breed first Dog of The Year back 2009. That is not so long time in breeding.

2. You must find right owners for special puppies. There must be lot of love, effort and resources behind the Dog of the Year potential. Someone must love a lot this very special puppy that turns out to be expectational Champion. Then they must work so hard with their Champion and love, love and love their special dog. Finally this special dog shines back and there is like an aura around the dog. People like Piia Helistölä-Laurila, Vesa Laurila and Sanna Kopola-Hirsimäki are true treasures. They truly are one in a million. 

3.  You must love your breed a lot. Otherwise you do not deeply undertand your breed. As and if you love your breed so much you do not count time and money you invest for your breeding. As trying to breed the very best you must be willing to give so much for your breeding programme. It started from the lemonade factory…I worked whole summers practicall day and night as I was 16 and 17 to get money to go and buy my very first American import lhasas. That was only the beginning. You must be willing to give so much because you love your breed.

4. There must be passion. You need to have passion for dogs and beauty. When you have passion you can do anything. Passion is like an engine. As you are sitting in the airplane coming home or driving  from the mating done 2.000 miles from home. You do not even feel that tired. You keep going toward your goal no matter what. That is passion. Your eyes are shining like diamonds when you talk about your next litter and future plans.

5. You must be willing to learn and listen. It is so important to learn from the best. Read what do they write. Go and speak with them. Learn from top breeders. Do not only listen top breeders of your own breed but also others. The real talent may be in other breeds.  See what did they do wrong and what did they do right. There is lot wisdom. It is your duty to learn from it. Be open minded and do finally your own conslusions.

6. Build up clever pedigrees and do know your dogs pedigrees inside out. You must be willing to build up pedigrees for generations. Think always pedigrees also upfront for generation or two. Know the pedigree and write those down over and over again. There are no short cuts to old school pedigree knowledge. You must also know what the names in the pedigree stand for.

7. If you want to breed Dog of The Year. You must know a lot about handling and cambaining. Train and travel. Keep your eyes open. Find the best people to help you. Help young people and train them. They are the future and some of them are the futures very best. The very best of them can be owners of the future Dog of The Year.

8. Build up a team.  In modern dog World teams are the best way to do it. Together you can do so much more. Together you are so much stronger than doing breeding alone. Together you have so much resources.

9. International co-operation is a must. Build up you own co-operation network. You must know what is going on with your breed Internationally. You must be open and ready to pick up the best results to your own breeding. You must do some travelling. Make some great friends with your breeds Internationally. With other top breeders it is about give and take. Build up a pedigree that you will use the very best Internationally.

10. Be yourself and be honest to yourself. You must be ready to laugh a lot. You must be ready to cry. You must be ready to admit your mistakes and later laugh about them. After all this is not so serious. It is best hobby in the World and it is as simple as that. If you are yourself people and dogs respect you the most.

Multi BIS & BISS Int & Multi Ch 5 x WW Chic Choix Cleopatra Eurydice – Dog of The Year 2015

Chic Choix Cleopatra Eurydice Milan 2015

Multi BIS & BISS Int & Multi Ch Chic Choix Adrenalin Rush – Dog of The Year 2011


Multi BIS & BISS Int & Multi Ch WW Chic Choix Markey Lifar  – Dog of The Year 2009