Our new lhasa babies – Tribute to the classical lhasa traditions

Our new lhasa babies – Tribute to the classical lhasa traditions

We have very interesting lhasa apso babies. This litter is all about saving the unique qualities of true lhasa apso. It is tribute to the great lhasa traditions. We do carry on our unique bitchline coming straight down from Int & Multi Ch Handsome Hannah v.d. Warwinckel (Netherlands) and old dell Allberico (Italy) & Chic Choix lhasas by unique gift we got from Angela Monteforte  years ago. Angie´s Black Beauty (Italy)was the foundation of this very special lhasa line. Her daughter Ch Chic Choix The Girl of Mystery was now mated with highly interesting American import who again carry very unique lhasa apso details and one of a kind pedigree. We are thrilled about our Tribute to the great lhasa tradition litter. Here they are.

Tribute to the classical lhasa traditions. Sometimes you must look back. 

Too few people truly understand the true lhasa apso head. Lhasa heads are getting far too short and pointing. Do keep in mind head should be 12 cm long, not less!! Skull alone should be 8 cm and nose 4 cm. This is if lhasa apso is about 26 cm tall. Head should be slightly longer if lhasa apso is taller than that. Head shape is pier alike. Eyes are very dark and medium in size. Skull should never be round or too wide. Eyes should be never round either. Unfortunately lhasa apso heads are far too often too short, coarse. Expression is often ruined with too light pigmentation and too large eyes. This easily gives lhasa apso very wrong Teddy Bear or shih tzu a like look. This is all wrong. True Lhasa apso look is proud and noble Tibetan look. This is a dog who know who he is and true lhasa look is one of a kind.

We do try to keep the true head and expression with our lhasas with any cost. Therefore it is very fruitfull to look back every now and then. That is what we have done with this breeding. There has been so many talented breeder´s in the past. This pedigree combinates the work of late lhasa master breeders like:  Jean Blythe UK (Saxonsprings),  Lynn Lowy USA (Marlo), Marianne Nixon USA (San Jo),  Annie Schneider-Louter NL (v.d. Warwinckel) and legendary breeders now retired from breeding like Staunskjaer family DK (Palomino) and Eeva Resko FIN (Daragoj). Not forgetting modern breeders like Wendy Cain UK (Kutani), Kendalls USA (Orlane), Ann Lanterman USA (Kian), Tia McLaughlin USA (Kumi), Arlene Miller CAN (Desiderata), Stefano Paoloantoni IT (dell Alberico) to name the few breeder´s behind this Tribute to classical  lhasa traditions litter. In this pedigree we did combinate what we believe has been their very best lhasas. We are so proud about carrying on these great traditions with our unique Tribute to the classical lhasa traditions babies.

Classical lhasa look is the key 

Lhasa apso is not just a head. True lhasa apso is wellbuild and wellbalanced easy moving dog. This breed can move effectively and easily. They can jump and run without any problems. Lhasa apso is well angulated in front and back. Lhasa apso has smooth shoulders. All is oval in shape including ribcage and bone structure. Lhasa apso is never heavy or clumsy dog. It should not be light either. Lhasa apso is truly a very sound over all dog in small size.

The biggest problems with modern lhasas seems to be upright shoulders and straight fronts. Lhasa apso should have well laid back shoulder. Well arched neck joins smoothly to strong back by laidback smooth shoulders. Most serious lhasa apso problem is too short upper arm. Only few breeders have manged to produce long enough well angulated upperarms. However this is very much what my menthor Marianne Nixon and her daughter Leslie Ann Engen (San Jo) managed to establish with lhasas.  San Jo lhasas and traditions down from these lines  often do have unique upperarms and therefore they do have nice reach in front. This is so rare with modern lhasas.

In UK late Jean Blythe (Saxonsprings) managed to do perfect silhouettes and shape in lhasas with the help of Kendall family (Orlane) . In this pedigree the idea is to put together this unique lenght of upperarm to silhouette and shape of the lhasa apso. This together with original lhasa look & heads is what we are hoping for. Therefore we did build up the pedigree that do combine the work of great lhasa apso breeders and their great achievements.

To produce and establish something means generations and generations breeding type to type. Our job was to find these dogs. Years ago one of our great classics BISS Int & Fin & Am & Can & IT & Swe & Norw & Dan & Est & LV Ch Chic Choix Jeffersson Davis (Ch Daragoj Popcorn x Ch Chic Choix Vivien Leigh) went to USA and Italy. In this pedigree we do have the very best of his kids from North America and Italy. His legacy together with San Jo, Desiderata and Dell Allberico females is the secret of this pedigree. This is the look we highly respect. In our latest pedigree we collect back the very best legacy from our Jeffersson Davis from both sides of Atlantic.

This litter is smoothly line-bred to legendary BISS Int & Fin & Am & Can & IT & Swe & Norw & Dan & Est & LV Ch Chic Choix Jeffersson Davis

Jeffersson Davis

In Italy Jeffersson Davis was mixed with females down from Int Ch Handsome Hannah v.d. Warwinckel. Her pedigree was very much Warwickel line mixed with Int Ch Saxonsprings Cascade. From Italy we found unique female linebred to Jeffersson Davis and Handsome Hannah. This treasure Angie´s Black Beauty was the foundation of this bitchline. She was outcross mated with BISS Int & Multi Ch Kutani Reckless.  This produced all champion litter. Our girl from this litter is Ch Chic Choix The Girl of Mystery who was now mated with our American import Am & Balt Ch La-Ri-San Some Like It Hot at Kumi Kian. He goes strongly back to San Jo and Desiderata lhasas mixed with Jeffersson Davis.

The easy movement, true reach and outstanding carriage presented by mum of the babies Ch Chic Choix The Girl of Mystery the day she finished her Ch title with owner Irma Ravila.

Chic Choix The Girl of Mystery

This is picture perfect about lhasa apso silhouette. Well arched neck, laid back shoulders and that smooth lhasa apso top line presented by sire of the litter Am & Balt Ch La-Ri-San Some Like It Hot at Kumi Kian photo by: Kadri Audrova

La-Ri-San Some Like It Hot at Kumi Kian Spring 2015

We must keep the future in mind

Most of all breeding is about creativity and keeping the future in mind. This means taking care of the wide enough genepool. This means there must be enough out-crosses to keep fertility and vitality up. This is the reason why we try to import and introduce new lhasas in our breeding all the times. In this litter we have in back of two generations lhasas from Finland, USA, Canada, Italy and UK.

All these dogs come from easy born and vital litters. Over all health and vitality is so important as we keep the future in mind. These Cosmopolitan babies has lot to offer in their pedigree. The inbreeding index is very low. Therefore these vital and strong 7 classical lhasa babies were born easily. They are growing up nicely. At this time they do present all that we were hoping for. The head, expression, profile, type and powerful movement is all there. We are so proud of our International classical treasures with most unique pedigrees. Most of all we do want to thank great lhasa breeder´s before us and modern top breeder´s to make this combination come true.

Special thanks

The biggest thank and honour about these babies go to my great friend Irma Ravila. She is one of these oldtime lhasa fanciers who know the breed inside out. She knows and respect the history of the breed. Irma adore the classical type of lhasa. She is proud owner of Ch Chic Choix The Girl of Mystery aka Shanti. Together with Irma we have worked with this Tribute to the classical lhasa traditions. We planned the mating and pedigree together. It is Irma who takes care of these babies under her tender loving care. Thank you Irma. Talented, experienced and loving loyal people like Irma are found in Finland and this makes breeding so very special and easy in Finland.

Special thanks goes also to Ann Lanterman and Tia McLaughlin for letting their treasure Am Ch La-Ri-San Some Like It Hot at Kumi Kian visit in Europe not forgetting Katja Rauhut, Kersti Paju and Vivian Muttik for helping me to have him here and making the mating possible. Thank you also Christian breeder´s Pat Jackson, Arlene  Miller, Sandra Zade. Special thanks goes also to Angela Monteforte in Rome for helping us to get started with this unique bitchline by giving us Angie´s Black Beauty.

We are very honoured to present you our 7 treasures from our Tribute to the classical lhasa traditions.

The boys :

Chic Choix L´Intouchable

Chic Choix L'Intouchable 7 weeks


Chic Choix Vertigo

Chic Choix Vertigo 7 weeks profile

The Girls:

Chic Choix L´Age de Raison    

Chic Choix L'Age de Raison 7 weeks  profile

Chic Choix San Jo Casablanca

Chic Choix San Jo Casablanca 7 weeks profile

Chic Choix Cher Moi-Meme

Chic Choix Cher Moi-Même profile 7 weeks

Chic Choix Lucille Love

Chic Choix Lucille Love 7 weeks profile

Chic Choix Le Charme Discret

Chic Choix  Le Charme Discret 7 weeks prof 2