How to find the best dogs for breeding?

How to find the best dogs for breeding?

Here are my adwise how you can point out and find the very best dogs for breeding.

1. The dog is strong vital and do stand out. Every dog used in breeding should be stronger than average 50 % of its population. Only the strongest member of animal population should be used for breeding. These dogs do stand out as the puppies and they should stand out as older aswell.

2. Dogs used in breeding were born naturally. Best dogs in breeding have strong reproduction instinct. These dogs are grazy as females in season and the females are handful to have when in season. Males mate like rabbits and they do love to do it. If you need to do tricks to make your stud dog to mate – it is not worth of it. If you need to use force to mate your female. It is not right. Females should be easy to mate. Do never rape your females by force breeding.

3. Best dogs in breeding are the onest that you enjoy the most. They are easy to live evenif being wild. They have healthy selfesteem and they are great personalities. They do manange in your home easily bringing you much joy  as they are never sick and always cheer you up with their personality. You must love your best breeding dogs and they bring much happiness to your life. They are dogs that you love the most.

4. The dogs you choose to use in breeding have not needed medicare or special diets. Vitality and easy life is the key. Strongest dogs in population are not weak but naturally strong. Such dogs can eat almost anything without being sick. These dogs are well and vital. Every medicin course should be evaluated – dogs should not need medicines to live their life. Vital strong dogs can have accidents and that is ofcourse another story.

5. Best dogs in breeding are not easiest ones when it comes to keep them in control. Strong and vital dogs do challenge their environment and owners. They are not humble but these dogs can be seen and heard. If you want easy soft dogs do not breed dogs but collect stamps. Strongest dogs in population are the natural leaders.

6. Best dogs in breeding are coming from big litters themselves. Singletons and puppies from much smaller litters than breed´s average are not often dogs building up the healthy and fertile future.

7. Nerves of the dog are excellent. Best dogs in breeding do not stress or get nervous easily. The best dogs in breeding are brave and all over the place. Mentally strong dogs are easiest to cambain in show and field. They are easiest to travel with. Therefore they can also easily be mated overseas. They do not stress and that secure the healthy future for next generations.

8. Best dogs in breeding can have minor faults like small bite issues, colour problem but best dog in breeding are always overall sound dogs. They do move easily. They love to move the most both as puppies and as adults. Best dogs in breeding do not suffer allergies, hormonal, nerve or immunological problems. Hips and some other issues you can work out in future generations if the problems are slight.

9. Best dogs in breeding do have the type. Best dogs in breeding are dogs that you can draw their silhouette easily. You do know what the shape is like. You can find the shoulder blade and pelvis just like that. They are equal in lengh. The angle of shoulder/pelvis do meet and are equal vertical/horizontal position.

10. Best dogs in breeding are known by name. These dogs are usually respected by the talented people. You do not need to point them out for the World. Best dogs in breeding are the ones that do produce the best. It is the outcome that makes a dog a true producer. As right people will find them. Results speaks for itself and soon the best dogs in breeding have the best offsprings. Do remember to use them smartly.  That is true dog breeding.

Best dogs in breeding are vital, active and healthy dogs that are all over the place. They do stand out and can have easy life. Reproduction should be peace of cake. The type is there and you can draw their lines/silhouette easily. Then you know as a breeder with what your are dealing with. 

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