Search for prototypes and keep big picture in mind as breeding dogs

Search for prototypes and keep big picture in mind as breeding dogs

I have often spoke with some really talented breeders about prototypes.  Yousee I  respect and search for prototypes in breeding. Some of my fellow breeders do the same.  Evenif they call the prototypes in different name. What is a prototype?  What got that to do with the big picture? What have those things to do with a dog breeding?  I can tell you that they have a to do with a smart dog breeding. Prototype in dogbreeding means individual that represent the outlines and the type of the breed ultimately strong. Often these dogs can be a bit big or stronger than prefered – but the outline, type and temperament is there. You could also say they are bit overdone or exaggerated dogs. Prototype is nothing without power and mental strenght. Prototype kind of dogs do stand out from the group. They are not necessarily best show dogs. As I have spoken with some legendary breeders quite a few of them do reconize prototype dogs in their breeds. Smartest of them have also realized how to use them in breeding. Why prototype dogs are important in breeding and how do you find them?

The problem in high quality and passionate breeding is that over the years breeder pay more and more attention to details. There often are breed details that becomes so important that the breeder do not make compromises with them. The prefix may be known for this and that details and type. Very often the results are outcome of smart linebreeding. I also say this is very often the case as building up the first 1-5 generation of own breeding. Over the years many breeders do lose the big picture. This is very unfotrunate indeed and too common in breeding.  You could also say details and pedigrees take over. I ve been there and done that – so I know how it is. This is not something breeders are planning but they do get there by being very professional and loyal.

All the suddenly temperaments are bit softer than they use to be. Some breeder´s do realize this and some don´t. Very often fertility gets lower and there is lack of charisma. Details, pedigrees, size and type we respect becomes so important that we do forget the big picture. What is the big picture? The big picture is that we always should be interested in dog breeding also the most vital and ultimately strong individuals of the breed. These are the ones that do stand out from the big litter. As they are older they are stallion kind of dogs standing out big time. It is always the combination of mental power and excellent anatomy. Yousee in almost all mammals natural popolation reproducing individuals are the strongest and most powerful examples of the population. Believe it or not – this should be the case in modern dog breeding too every now and then. Otherwise the own “line or population” gets weaker and weaker. You could say also these prototype of dogs are the kings of the population. Like if you would put your breed in wilderness to live in fenced big area. The prototypes are the ones that would produce and some of the males we use because of type, pedigree etc are dogs that would never even get near the females because the strongest would take over.

Prototype dogs are kind of dogs that have powerful movement and strong carriage. If there would be a rain and storm. They would be kind of dogs going thru the mud and rain, still moving and carrying themselves. The type and outline is that strong. It is the strong temperament that makes them go no matter what. If there is this kind of dogs in your breed do respect them no matter the faults they may have here and there. Details may be easier to fix later on than the overall balance and super vitality.

Int & Fin & Swe & Norw & Dk & Est Ch, WW-12-13 Chic Choix Elosalama is for me a prototype. He is also a good exaple how prototype dog can be a great show and good working dog. His father was the same – often prototype dogs also live longer life than average int he breed. Then you know for sure the vitality was there. Elosalama still himself winning many BIS-veteran wins and feeling good.

Chic Choix Elosalama running

I do believe in prototypes. Modern breeders should pay attention to realize what is the prototype kind of dog. Every now and then you must recognize and find them. Breeder must be strong and believe the intuition and use them for breeding evenif pedigree, size and some details do not make sence. Do always keep the big picture in mind. Best prototype dogs are kind of dogs that give you vibrations. There is something so strong and something so vital and ultimate in type and mentality that you just know deep in your heart that you must have this dog in your breeding program. Be brave and follow the intuition. Do find out the prototypes, do not lose the big picture.

Keep in mind. You can´t find prototype, ultimate vitality and see big picture in pedigrees. you must see and feel the dog in real. Then top breeder can find the prototype kind of dogs that will take the breeding forward. You can easily have one prototype dog in a litter. Which I could call the leader of the population – I can use him or her in breeding, evenif I would not touch the brothers or sisters. Smart breeder looks prototypes in own breeding and keep them for the future.

As and if you keep your eyes and mind widely open you will find prototypes. If you do realize some dog makes a major influence on you and you find yourself explaining how bad this is it may be too late. You may be one of the breeders that lose the track because pedigrees, political sides and details took over the years. This is very common phenomena in breeding. Try to work with the important details, work with the pedigrees but never lose the big picture. Keep your breeding always open for the prototypes as you find them every now and then. In my breeding in several breeds it is the prototype dogs that makes the big difference. They are the ones that help my detailed carefully planned females to produce out of ordinary. It is creativity and as one of my fellow breeder´s said: “I need every now and then a vulgar caveman to make my detailed princessies to produce the best powerful workers.” This is the idea of prototypes. It may be that some of you got the point and some didn´t. For me it took 20 years of breeding before I really opened my eyes for prototypes and truly understood the importance of the prototypes.

Sometimes you do recognize the prototype the moment they are born. The power, vitality and type is so powerful that you sence it. As this male was born I said we do must keep him. He is potential prototype and stud dog. He became BISS & Multi BIG-win. Int & Fin & S & N & Dan & Est Ch Chic Choix Parti Alexander. He sure has been a producer and a protype in my breeding.