How to be a good hobby dog person and a breeder – 10 main rules

How to be a good hobby dog person and a breeder – 10 main rules


How to be a good breeder and a dog person. There is no simple answer. However there is 10 guide lines that I do believe in. Breeders and people in this hobby lose the focus sometimes too easily. There is few rules I try to follow in every occasion. I do think they have helped me a lot to keep on track. Believe me over the years I have done mistakes. I have learned these rules the hard way. 

1. Be always yourself. Follow your own dreams. Build up your own ideal picture perfect. Keep that in mind and as a guide line. If start listening or pleasing others you will lose the red line.

2. Keep always a sudden distance to most of the breeders and breed fanciers. Unfortunately very many of them is willing to use any kind of information against you later on as the time is right. Be friendly and polite. Find some true friends and love outside of the dog people too. Remember there is lot of competition and that do not always get best out of the fellow men.

3. Love the dogs. Have a true contact with your own living dogs around you. Otherwise you will lose the connection.

4. Make economically secured life that is not depending on your dogs. If this game turn out to be an economical must that often has bad influence to your hobby. It is work after that. That is totally a different matter.

5. Make sure you have time for yourself. Remember at least one vacation a year. Take care of your health and mind. It is not just all about dogs.

6. Make sure you will spend double more time with your dogs, training, grooming and exercising than with a computer and phone.

7. Remember the basic good manners. Congratulate the winners, say hello to your fellow men.

8. Think more of your own doings and breeding than other people matters. One of the biggest fault in modern dog people is that they has their focus in other people´s life instead of their own.  Consentrate in all occasions to your own dogs and things. Do not get bitter and lose the right focus. That is how to be better yourself.

9. Make sure you understand that you will make mistakes. Make sure you understand everyone else will do mistakes. Be honest with your mistakes and try to learn from them. Do not be judgemental to others. Understanding is always more difficult than judging.

10. As a night falls make sure you have a good feeling. Make sure you will fall a sleep fast. This means you have been busy making right things. You know life is good. You know you have been honest. You have loved your dogs. You have tried your very best and there has been lot to do during the day. A clear conscience is the best pillow.

I feel the book should never be judged by the cover. People in this hobby are often known by their dogs and results. In the end of the day the person himself gets a reputation he does deserve. It is not easy to be loyal, outspoken and passionate in this hobby. However as and if you are what  you are – real you and keep the focus right. You will keep the good reputation among the serious breed fanciers. 

Vegas happy Vaasa 2014