How to study your breed?

How to study your breed?

If you want to understand your breed well it is a must to study the history and development of your breed. People are often too lazy really to study their breeds deeply. Knowing the breed inside out means that the breeder does know what is the backround of the breed. How the breed was born? By who and for what purpose?  It is not possible to become a breed author, truly good judge or top breeder without understanding the backround of  the breed. How to study your breed and why? Unfortunately this  hobby and understanding of the breeds is going too often narrower and narrower…..

The fist thing a person should do is to find oldest possible documents of the breed. This can be paintings, photos, sculpture or written documents. Look them carefully and see how the breed is today. Be very critical. If you really want to understand the breed it is often a must to travel to the place where the breed was born. You do need to see and understand the environment and culture the breed was born. Breeders often do not realize what a strong conection the environment, nature and the breed has. You must study a bit of history to be able to understand the cultural backround. For me the key for löwchens were trips to Eastern Mediterrian area and for lhasas it was Tibet and living a short while in a Buddhaist monastry. Often people should go very deep to really understand the deepest of the breed. That means the look and it is equally important to understand the temperament.

Then it is time to figure out how the breed was born? Who did write the breed standard and who the ones that wrote it? Then try to find paintings or pictures of your breed decade by decade. Remember to study the pedigrees. See who took over? Has there been a person or group of people who have changed the breed? Often some influencal people have left their foot prints to the development of the breed. this may be good or catastrophy. Be critical and openminded. Build up your own critical vision of the development of the breed. See what has been right and what has gone wrong.

There are far too many people saying empty mantras that they have heard from some one. They do not think was this mantra correct or not. They do not even always understand the meaning at all. I have also heard lot of stupid fake mantras over the years. Someone misunderstood sometning and the rest will follow. This is sad but unfortunately also too common phenomena.

At this time it is important to speak about the breed with other really serious, rational and smart people in the breed. They may be hard to find as most people just follow the fashion or trends. There are so many breed fanciers, breeders and even judges that do not have a clue. Often it is important to travel so that it is possible to meet face to face the most clever people in the breed Internationally. There are always some gurus of the breed somewhere around the globe. You must find them. They do know the pedigrees and the development of the breed. Find these critical talented people with knowledge. Speak with them. Then you must finally build up own strong vision of your breed. Every breeder must have in the end of the day this clear vision about the breed. It is good to write own explanation of the breed standard. The breeder must have finally a vision ot the true type and temperament. Breeder must be able to point out his ideal male and female in the breed. As he closes the eyes there is a clear vision how the breed should look and act like. This vision must be kept in mind in all occasions. Breeder must be loyal to his vision.

Without a vision the judge or the breeder is lost. There is too many people who do not truly understand the breeds they are dealing with. A top breeder must know the breed and its history inside out. Be crtitical with the development of the breed. Be always loyal to the ideas you have build up over the years. Do not believe the fakes. Follow your hearth and vision. In the end of the day there will be these people who support and share your vision. Often they are the people that have done their homework and that have gone deep. These are the people that matters. Let the fakes do their thing. You have chosen other way and that is better.

It takes time and energy to study your breed deep and well. In the end of the day a breeder must have own vision that he understand and follows 100 %. This vision is build up by rational and hard studies. There are no short cuts.