Some of our latest Champions – Parade of beauty & friendship

Some of our latest Champions – Parade of beauty & friendship

Summer and first half of 2013 has been again such a wonderful time for our dogs. We have made up lot of new Champions. I must be one of the luckiest breeder´s in the Universe to find such a positive, active and talented homes for my dogs. These people not just love their dogs but keep their dogs in top shape in and outside of the show rings. So many of these people are willing to show their dogs.

Thank you so much and I am so proud to have such a team of wonderful people around me.

One of the latest lhasa champions is particolor dog Est & Lit & LV Ch Chic Choix Daffyd Thomas owned & handled by loving, caring and talented Hedi Kumm. Photo : Kuvauksellista

Ch  Daffyd Thomas

One of our latest deerhound champions is our neighbor´s wonderful deerhound Fin & Dan Ch Chic Choix Dhulert Ambrosia. She is spoiled, loved and kept in excellent shape by my  Riitta Metsi and her wonderful family.

Ambra standing

My beloved Laura, who is the real Princess of our household did finish her title also with grand style with 3 x cacibs. Here is Fin Ch Chic Choix Dhulert Antiope owned and love by myself. Photo: Sanna Kopola-Hirsimäki

pappa_laura_9858 (4)

We have American visitor, who is also real Princess. She is ofcourse our Spicy. Fin & Am & Swe Ch Kumi Kian Hot `N´Spicy has finished her titles by storm in straight shows. She has also 3 cacib from 3 different countries. So is near by her Int Ch title as well.  She lived with me and is also loved & spoiled by our American dear friends & breeders Ann Lanterman & Tia McLaughlin.

Spicy Multi Ch

Our very classical and super moving löwchen Olli did so well with her owner Katja and Outi. Olli is now Int & Fin & Swe & Dan & Norw Ch Chic Choix Illusion Des Sens. Thank you owner Katja Sillanpää for great care and Outi with help of showing Olli overseas.

Olli ja Katja


My dear friend Jaana Karenmaa-Nurminen has given me a slight bichon frise inspiration. Thanks to her and wonderful owner Eila Savela our very first bichon frise gained her Int Ch title in August. Int & Fin & Est & LV & Lit Ch Chic Choix Diamella Diamond Ring finished her titles easily. Thank you so much Eila & Jaana.


Our American immigrant finally got his coat back. I did it. Our handsome Reese did finish his new titles easily. He also has 3 cacibs toward his Int Ch title. You can call him now a days Am & Can & Fin & Norw Ch Kumi Kian Simply Irresistible. Thank you Ann & Tia sending this Tibetan treasure to me. He is king of our household.

Anna Reese tuulessa

I fell in love Mirolinda smooth foxterriers years ago as I visited this kennel in Perth, Australia. My niece loves fox terriers. So we did import from talented Shirley Friday a top winning puppy. Kerrie do share her life with my niece Sari Kares & her partner Jani Salo. This summer Kerrie did so well with Sari. Now we can call our Down under girl Aust & Fin & Est & Lit Ch Mirolinda Who Cares.

Mirolinda Who Cares

My dear friend Kati Kilpeläinen share the passion with me toward norbottenspets and king charles spaniel. This summer our very first black & tan boy did so well. He is now Int & Fin & Swe & Norw Ch Chic Choix Lord Greystoke. We love you Tarzan and thank you Kati for showing & loving Tarzan so much.

Tarzan determinate

My dear friend Nina Tiitinen is such a lhasa talent. Our boy Carlos visited our Norwegian friends Eli & Morten. Our Carlos is now Norw Ch Chic Choix  Gerald O ´Hara. Thank you  Nina, Eli & Morten finishing this boy by style.


Young & stunning lowchen boy did finish his Int Ch title this summer. Handsome Int & Fin & Swe & Est & Lit Ch Chic Choix Inner Sound was shown by Outi & Anniina. Now he is ready for new adventures.


Our German visitor did so well. Demian von Averlon did finish his titles in straight shows. He is now Fin & Norw & Est Ch Demian von Averlon and he also has 5 cacib toward his Int Ch title. Thank you dear friend Jurgen Rossner & Jurgen Papenfuss for sharing this Scottish King with me.

demian_pieni_4404 (3)

Our St.Bernhard Ewelina has done so well. She become Fin & Swe & Norw Ch in straight shows with BOB´s & cacibs. She is now Fin & Swe & Norw & Nord Ch Bernegårdens Baltic Sunrise. Thank you Ewelina for offering all your love every day with us.

Eweliina 2013 Nord Ch

This legendary brother & sister team both finished their Int Ch & World Winner titles & Hung Ch titles this summer. We are so proud about this legendary couple. They are loved and handled by Sanna Kopola-Hirsimäki  & Piia Helistölä-Laurila and Vesa Laurila. Thank you dear talented and passionate friends doing a job for perfection.

Alex & Elviira

Here are these legendary BEST in SHOW winning new International & World Champions individually: Chic Choix Cleopatra Eurydice &

Elwira BIS
Multi BIS & BISS Int & Multi CH WW-12-13 JWW-11 Chic Choix Cleopatra Eurydice

Alex toward
BIS & Int & Multi CH WW-13 Chic Choix Alexander The Great

I love the beauty of the pedigree dogs and I love to be a breeder.

Now we have bred and owned over 450 Champions that hold over 2.000 Champion titles around the world. All this because of passion, love and friendships. Thank you all once again. Our journeys have been unreal. What is best is that ….the future do look bright and we have much to look forward to….Here is one of our future hopes Chic Choix RB Ella Cara Deloria looking for the bright future…..