What you should know about canine herpes

What you should know about canine herpes

- Canine herpes is most common thing with modern International dogs around the world (it is said about 80 – 90 % of dogs carry it)

- It is caused by  Canine herpes virus (CHV)

- In adults, the disease is transmitted by air or with direct contact. Sneezing, coughing, nosing, sniffing, licking and sexual activities between an infected and an uninfected dog can spread the virus very very easily

-  Do not  blame  male about herpes because most modern dog populations do have herpes anyway and it is quite rare that herpes would be gained anymore from mating but most likely your dog or kennel got herpes long time before by air in shows or when you bought you puppy originally

- CHV is a viral infection that affects the reproductive organs of adult dogs

- Usually if not always it do not show any symptoms with an adult dog – therefore people do not realize their dogs have it

- The infection is the leading cause of death in newborn puppies

- Puppies usually get the disease in the birth canal. Mother can also effect the puppies by nasal and oral secretions short after the birth

- Puppies can also spread the virus to one another

- CHV is difficult to test by blood example as it do not occur if the virus is not active at the moment of test

-It is known also as fading puppy syndrome as puppies start to fade after the birth or couple days later after the birth

- It may occur in one puppy or whole litter may be infected in 24 hour period

- If your puppies are effected the best way to save them is to raise room temperature very high up to 38 c.  The CHV requires a lower temperature to survive

- Best way to protect the puppies from herpes is to keep mother in good condition and stress free.  Stress or poor condition makes herpes easily active while female is in whelp. Therefore puppies do get the herpes as virus is active while bitch in labor

- You can also vaccinate the mum 10 days after the mating and 10 days before the date of birth. This will effect the virus so that it is not active in labor and so puppies do not get it

- It is smart to isolate a pregnant female from other dogs during the high-risk period—both late in her pregnancy and during the first three weeks

- Canine herpes do not transmit to human

- Learn more about herpes  and how to live with it as most likely your dogs do have it….people just do not realize it until the puppies are dead

- In most cases herpes do not harm the breeding and puppies at all specially if bitches are in shape, stress free and isolated last week before the whelping and puppies stay first important weeks (3) just with their mother

Canine herpes is very very common and people should learn more about it. Canine herpes kills lot of puppies. However in most litters you do not get it even if the parents do carry CHV.