We are expecting two unique lhasa apso litters

We are expecting two unique lhasa apso litters

It is time to publish some of our generation next plans.  We can hopefully collect some fruits of our past out cross generations and still we are continuing that out cross program as well. It is all about our type breeding program. It is not easy to maintain and keep the internationally known standard. But we for sure try our very best to do so. This means hard work and trying to use the very best males possible no matter where are they located in. The beauty, charisma and health of this majestic Tibetan breed is our main inspiration. We do hope that our possible generation next will continue the legendary tradition started here some 30 years ago. May we proudly present our generation next plans:


Multi BIS & BISS Int & Hrh & Slo & Swe & Norw & Dk & Fin & Hung Ch Khalila Krug Grande


Fin Ch Chic Choix Andrea Doria

Multi BIS & Multi Ch Khalila Krug Grande has gained all breed BEST in SHOWs in 9 different countries around Europe. He has been also stunning producer. We love also his mother BIS & BISS GB Ch Petwalk Piece de Resistance for Khalila and grandfather GB Ch Kandykone Kontradiktion so much. It will be a pleasure to have these great UK  lhasas & their pedigrees in future Chic Choix pedigrees.

Krug is handsome ideal size male with best of outlines & carriage. I have judged this superior male twice and I could not get him out of my mind. His divine outline together with some unique details made him irresistible. Pigmentation, tail set and temperament are the great qualities of this outstanding male. This handsome dog is living far a way in Croatia in famous Dilemma kennel. But because of the willpower and great friends we made this International breeding to happen.


Andrea Doria

Ch Chic Choix Andrea Doria gained her title very easily. She also got her first cacibs and she is well on her way to International title. Andrea Doria has 2 BEST in SHOW winning brother/sister.  Their sire is legendary Multi BIS & Multi Ch, WW12 Chic Choix Sky´s The Limit who has won over 20 all breed BEST in SHOW wins in over 20 different countries.

Andrea is most classical lhasa girl. She is ultra feminine all over. She has best of heads and pigmentations. Her temperament is to die for. She is a true Tibetan princess. Andrea has very easy effortless movement with excellent reach and drive. Her pedigree combinating the best of Chic Choix & Dell Alberico breeding going back in her mothers Italian side to legendary Multi BISS Int & Nord & Am & Can & IT & DK Ch Chic Choix Jeffersson Davis.

This is an out cross breeding. We try to have some of the best Finnish, Italian and UK pedigrees in the very same litter. Yet as looking the pedigree and dogs the main ideas about the breed has been the same. That is the respect and love toward unique breed named lhasa apso.


BIS Int & Fin & Swe & Hung & Est & LV & Lit Ch, WW-13  Chic Choix Alexander The Great


BIS & BISS Int & Fin & Est & Lit & LV Ch, JWW-10 Soleydan Unique of Chic Choix

BEST in SHOW winning  Int & Multi Ch, WW-13 Chic Choix Alexander The Great is also the Dog CC winner from Crufts 2013. He is the litter brother to legendary Multi BIS & BISS Int & Multi Ch, WW-12-13 Chic Choix Cleopatra Eurydice. We had Alex first babies born here in Chic Choix early 2013 and they did turn out to be super promising babies with full of attitude & great breed details.

Alex is the result of putting together unique way best of European and American lhasa apsos. As looking this powerful and masculine dog I can see all the main features of his International pedigree. San Jo dogs once mixed with old Hylan Sho Tru, then added some Kinderland Ta Sen and all that spiced up with European Saxonsprings influenced lhasas bred by Kutani kennels. Small spices from Barjea, Orlane and Palomino and voila….. This did produce the legendary litter and we are so proud to continue the unique qualities of Alexander The Great.

Alex toward

BEST in SHOW winning Int & Multi Ch, JWW-10 Soleydan Unique of Chic Choix is such a classical lhasa apso with lots of fantastic unique breed details. She has been one of the top winning brindles in Europe ever. We love Ginger and hope to have babies from this classical beauty to continue the tradition.

Ginger father comes from Denmark representing the generations of Danish & Scandinavian breeding. Type and size is all there. Ginger mother comes from our very own unique bitch line once started by one of our legendary brood bitches Int & Multi Ch Hy Lan Sho Tru Bye Bye Birdy (BISS AM & Can Ch Hy Lan Sh Tru Tak´M By Storm x Am Ch Hy Lan Orlane Snow Bird). We have mixed that bitch line to several directions. To be able to produce Ginger we did mix part of that top producing bitch line with oldest of the old European lines like Tintavon, Trashi Deleg and our very own San Jo influenced lhasas. Later mixed all that with Danish tradition spiced with Int & Fin & S & Dk & AM & Est & LV & Lit Ch WW-10 Chic Choix Southern Star we were able to get unique Ginger. That is a lot of old rare qualities in modern form.


Having Alexander and Ginger in the same pedigree is a dream come true combination. Decades of hard hard work is coming together from different directions hopefully producing something new again. Super pigmentation, harsh true original coat texture, rainbow of colours and most of all type & charisma of true lhasa apso is what we are hoping for.

WELCOME GENERATION NEXT AND WE DO HOPE TO HAVE UNIQUE CHIC CHOIX LHASA BABIES LATER EARLY AUTUMN 2013. Both girls have been in ultrasound test and are happily pregnant –  we are waiting interesting lhasa apso babies late August early September. We are so thrilled.

This is not all. We do hope to carry on more of our present stars to generations next later 2013. Yes….legendary brother & sister team Multiple BIS winning & World Winning Chic Choix Alexander The Great will mate another girl later and Chic Choix Cleopatra Eurydice may have her very first litter later this year. We are planning to use Krug more too for girls from different bitch line.

Alex & Elviira