Coco the Frenchie is a different kind of youngster

Coco the Frenchie is a different kind of youngster

It is surprising how very different all the breeds are from each others. I have had many different kind of breeds over the decades. Now I can see that our French bulldog Coco is again very different kind of character than any puppy we had before. For sure you can see that she is a “bulldog” type of athlete powerful dog that wanna use her jaws a lot. She also like to read books, newspapers and letters. She likes them small pieces….I have not had a toy dog puppy before who would be such a monster as our baby Coco. I love decorative things and nice details. So does Coco. Not only want she use her jaws but she is very athlete. She is very alert. However as she get tired after the games. She does fell sleep deep and she does know how to relax indeed.

Coco like my lhasa puppies, But lhasas seems to take over. Evenif Coco is strong and powerful she is not mentally as powerful as super stubborn lhasa babies.  Coco the Frenchie seems not to take life as seriously as lhasas. Coco is a free spirit. She is a bit hippie a like. I do find Coco all the time middle of flowers and pushes day dreaming. She is having a spiritual journey with mother nature.   She is not afraid of any of my older big dogs. She is ready to play with them when ever and Coco do not feel fear. I must say that Coco is very bold and brave.

Coco is very alert

Coco profile pier

Coco loves food….I mean she adore it….She could eat a horse or perhaps two horses. When it comes to food she is very alert. She do know when there is something available. If there is any food involved somewhere in the house or property. There is Coco. She runs like a thunder if needed. Funny enough Coco the Frenchie seems to get along wonderfully with everybody people and canine alike. Before my summer vacation Coco visited in school with me several times. Coco loves children and she trust youngsters completely.

Coco is fearless

Coco ja Damion

After having our Coco the Frenchie, powerful amazon and free spirit hippie lady I do understand why this breed is so very appealing…..I must say that two first months has been a wonderful journey with her, There is not a dull moment with this baby frenchie.

Coco the Frenchie sends summer greetings to you all.

Coco sailor