Nerve structure of the dog can be easily tested from puppies. Chic Choix Puppy test

Nerve structure of the dog can be easily tested from puppies. Chic Choix Puppy test

I do feel nerve structure of the dog is one of the most important things in dog breeding. There are many mental skills that breeders should take care of. Many of these skills can be influenced by proper socializing of the puppy. How ever the nerve system is very strongly a genetic issue. Good nerve system is about the strength or weakness as the dog meets strange things in his life. Active show, working and breeding animals should have very strong nerves. That makes everything in their life easier. Do remember to test you puppies nerve structure. Do this specially with larger breeds. Why and how to do it easily? Do develop puppy testing and make it as a rule in your breeding. 

Testing of the puppies before 8 weeks of age is important. Why? All the puppies have had a similar life. The conditions are at this stage almost laboratory like. All the puppies have had about similar life with similar social connections. Later as puppies do live with their families every single of the puppies will have different kind of life. It is not possible to read puppies result as clearly anymore. Therefore testing of the puppies nerve structure before 8 weeks will give the breeder very important genetic info about the puppies heritage.


Test I. Sound

How to test the puppies nerve structure? First test the puppy´s reaction to sound. Do the testing as all the puppies are together and then later individually. Use the voice to create a high pitched noise. See how they do react a deep gruff noise and whistle. See the puppies reaction. Very easy test is my kettle test. Let the puppies play normally as a group. All the suddenly just drop big kettle to floor.

See how puppies react. Who is the first one of the puppies to actually go and see the kettle or cover. That is the puppy with strongest nerve structure. See who comes not at all or is clearly upset after every one else is playing again. That puppy is the weakest. You can test the puppies with the same test couple days later individually in strange room.

Take also a noisy toy that looks appealing. Make the noise first and then drop the toy to the floor. What your puppy does with the strange noisy toy? This is generalizing the behavior but gives an idea.

RESPONSIVE PUPPY (that is usually most social and easiest to show etc) react by: Being curious and wagging its tail. It is matter of seconds the puppy comes and see the noisy new toy.

INDEPENDENT PUPPY often ignore the whole thing. Puppy may act very disinterested and often these do not make great dogs in the field either. How ever there is great difference among the breeds. Many oriental and independent breeds it is not fault to be independent in this situation.

NERVOUS PUPPY (that should not used for breeding or hardly makes top dog in field) react by: Puppy run a way, looks clearly upset, piss or scream.

AGGRESSIVE PUPPY (may come out already so soon) as puppy may react with aggressive manner like: Puppy try to bite the toy, showing teeth or bark loudly at you or to object.

Test II. New Social situation.

Secondly test the puppy´s reaction to totally new social situation. You should test the puppy also individually by taking the puppy in a strange quiet place. Then  let the puppy meet unknown and big dog (that you of course trust completely).

See the puppy reaction. The behavior model is very much the same as mentioned above.

Test III. Car test (stress test).

My third test is very easy as well. It is about meeting a new stressful situation.  It is a car test. That is easiest and safest to do.  Simply take puppies to your car individually and just drive a short while. You can take several puppies to your car at same time but place then individually so you can see each and every reaction. This way they do not influence each others as strongly.

RESPONSIVE PUPPY WITH STRONG NERVES (that is usually most social and easiest to show etc) react by: Being curious and wagging its tail. The puppy do not mind at all about the trip.

Responsive puppy who is bit nervous. I still count puppy in this class if the reaction is mild. Puppy is just slightly nervous and shiver just a bit and most of all get over it after a short while. Second or latest the third trip must be already easy to do.

NERVOUS PUPPY (that should not used for breeding or hardly makes top dog in a field) get seriously car sick. The puppy throw up, get very nervous and start to shiver. Say what you want but these puppies do not interest me at all.

Categorizing the puppies

I do believe every breeder should have about an idea of their puppies as they leave the breeders house. I divide my puppies as category A, B and C. If the puppy is clearly responsive puppy to all mentioned three test. It is a class A puppy. These are the dogs that goes to active homes or for breeding purposes. Independent breeds (many oriental breeds) may be category Independent and still category A.

Puppy is class B if it react anything else than being responsive (independent) puppy in all three tests mentioned above. That is not too bad but it is still something to keep in mind in later stage and breeding. This is an issue I do mention to puppy´s new owner. They do need to know and keep this in mind.

However puppy is a class C (which means not for breeding at all) if the puppy react as nervous puppy in any of the three tests. That will again harm the whole litter as I do feel it is genetic in nature and therefore the brothers and sisters carry the factor also in them. So if any of the puppies in my litter fail to category C it will automatically drop the sister and brothers to category B. As there is something wrong and rest of the litter this should kept in mind in future breeding.

Happy testing and do remember to test your puppies. You can get so much information from your puppies before 8 weeks of age that most breeder´s do not realize that at all. I do also feel at later stage it is not even possible to get as clear and genetically trust worthy information as you can get from simple puppy testing.

Here are our Puma 4,5 weeks age puppies living a happy outgoing life and seems very much possible that a whole gang will be category A puppies. The foundation is there. Trusting, outgoing, mentally sound loving and caring patient mother. Father with good nerves. Safe place to grow up, without stress, lot of oxytocin from the mother and people alike. That is the key to class A. 

Akita pups 4,5 week playing