What is going wrong with the healthy pedigree dogs – ribcage

Over the decades many breeds have developed a bit over the top. If we think a healthy well balanced dog there is quite a few issues we should keep in mind. The most important part is to think what is the original purpose of the breed. Then we should look old pictures and compare old dogs to our modern dogs. There really should not be major difference between the types over the decades. First thing people should think is ribcage.

What is a normal ribcage? Ribcage offers the protecton for important organs.  Therefore it should practical – large enough but not overdone. Normal ribcage circumference should  be equal in lenght to dogs height.  It is easy to measure with tape measure. The ratio between ribcage circumference and dogs height really should be about the same with well balanced normal build dog. It is often the ribcage pedigree dogs have started to develop to unhealthy direction.

With some breeds people have started to prefer heavier and heavier ribcages/bodies and many of the modern dogs are much heavier than what they use to be. Why is this? People often measure the height of the dog but not weight. Weight should be also taken under observation.

When looking the overall normal dog from the side height of the feet should be 50 % and the deepness of the body should be 50%. When keeping these simple measures in mind it is very easy to observe where and how has the breed develop.

Nearer the measures are to normal dogs = symmetrical measures 50 % and 50 % plus circumference of ribcage equal to height. Less there should be  to worry about in breeds radical change from overall healthy well balanced dog.

If the difference is huge, meaning ribcage is much heavier or it is much less- it may be good to ask why is this? When and why did this breed change from a normal dog to this direction. I do believe strongly that breeds are getting back to basics sooner or later.

Think about it and keep the basic measures in mind.